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Copies and storage may help keep wills and other documents safe

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2018 | Wills |

Important information always needs to be kept safe, especially if it is personal information. When individuals create their wills and other estate planning documents, they need to ensure that the information in those documents remains safe. Any number of scenarios could arise in which information could be lost if not kept protected.

California residents may want to carefully consider where they keep their estate planning documents. In fact, it may be wise to request copies of all documents from the outset. These copies can ensure that a duplicate set of documents exist and can act as a backup in case the original set is lost or damaged. Documents to keep copies of include wills, powers of attorney, trusts, health care proxies and insurance policies.

When it comes to storing those documents, the place needs to be secure, but it also needs to allow access to the executor of the estate, who will need these documents to settle final affairs. Many people choose safe deposit boxes at financial institutions for storing this information. However, other options do exist, and it may prove beneficial to explore options for safe storage and accessibility.

It also pays to discuss document storage and safekeeping with knowledgeable estate planning attorneys. These legal professionals can help interested California residents keep their wills and other documents in order, obtain copies and offer advice on storing documents. Talking with their legal counsel could also give individuals the opportunity to consider whether they may need to take additional steps to make sure their estate plans reach the right hands when necessary.



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