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Wills can help prevent leaving families in difficult scenarios

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | Wills |

It does not matter whether a person is wealthy or has children, every adult should create an estate plan. While comprehensive plans tend to offer the best protection and information, some California residents may be content with just creating wills. In any case, having at least some type of legally-binding plan in place is better than leaving no information.

The fact that many Americans do not have estate plans is becoming more and more obvious as multiple celebrities who have recently passed have not had a plan in place. It is not only celebrities who are failing to plan as a 2017 survey indicated that only four in 10 adults have an estate plan. Additionally, most people do not have a solid reason for not planning; they simply continue to put it off until later.

Of course, not getting around to creating a plan could cause many complications and leave the final affairs up to the decisions of the court. Instead of leaving family members to face this type of scenario, individuals may want to look into the planning options available to them. Various planning avenues could allow interested parties to make sure that they leave their affairs to be settled as easily as possible.

From wills to trusts to health-care related documents, California residents could take advantage of many planning tools that could help them express their wishes for many scenarios. If they do not create a plan, much of their final affairs could be left to chance. Individuals interested in finding out information on how to get started may want to consult with knowledgeable attorneys.



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