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Don’t Keep Secrets and Don’t Be Left in the Dark

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Blog Posts |

Do you know where your assets are? Many people don’t. So long as there is regular income and some money in the bank, we do not bother to take a complete inventory very often. There are some people who remain completely unaware of their situation, depending on someone else to manage things for them. One-half of a married couple often winds up making the majority of financial decisions – handling investments, taxes and legal matters. If he or she leaves, dies or becomes incapacitated, the partner may be ill-prepared to carry on.

The blow of losing a spouse to divorce, death or incapacity is even more devastating when a person is suddenly faced with a multitude of financial responsibilities and no background or knowledge to handle them. Protect yourself! Find out now about your financial situation. If you are your family’s financial manager, be sure your spouse knows too.



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