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Outlining Treatment Options ifn Your Advance Health Care Directive

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2015 | Blog Posts |

The following article was written by Seattle Attorneys Jamie Clausen & Michael Ballnik.When writing an Advance Health Care Directive you can include directions about how the patient wants to receive treatment and what other help and support they want at end of life. Some examples of other directions that can be included are:

I want my doctor to give me enough medicine to relieve my pain, even if that means that I will be drowsy or sleep more than I would otherwise.· I want my doctor to give me enough medicine to relieve my pain, but I want my pain medication reduced frequently to allow me moments of lucidity.· I want my Health Care Agent to explore alternative medicine treatments.· I want to have personal care like shaving, nail clipping, hair brushing, and teeth brushing as long as they do not cause me pain or discomfort.· I want to have people with me when possible. The visitors that would be most meaningful to me are: __________________________________________· I want to have my hand held and to be talked to when possible, even if I don’t seem to respond to the voice or touch of others.· I also want to have religious readings and well-loved poems read aloud when I am near death, such as: ______________________________________· If I am alone and awake I would like to have music or books on tape playing, such as: ____________________________________________________· I want to have pictures of my loved ones in my room.· I want to have flowers or live plants in my room.· I want to have a hospice care.· I want to be treated at home if possible.· I want to have the members of my faith community told that I am sick and asked to pray for me and visit me.· I want to have others by my side praying for me when possible.Advance Health Care Directives can also include directions about organ donation, autopsies, and burial instructions. This can be very useful as directives are often found and consulted before the Will.



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