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The Talk

On Behalf of | May 20, 2015 | Blog Posts |

You have been dreading it, but you know when they reach a certain age it is time to have “The Talk”. You know the choices they make (or do not make) now are critical to their future health and happiness, but the topics are so sensitive that you just do not know how to begin. Yes, both you and your parents are understandably reluctant to talk about such personal topics as end of life decisions, incapacity and finances.

To begin, many families do not even want to think about such depressing things, in the ostrich – like believing that issues not discussed will never happen. Some parents still perceive their adult offspring as “children” and want to protect them from such difficult decisions. Many may feel their independence and authority are being challenged. After the initial uneasiness, everyone feels a sense of relief being able to discuss issues and concerns openly and a sense of comfort in being heard and understood knowing that a plan is in place.



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