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Medicaid Questions and Answers

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2015 | Blog Posts |

North Carolina Certified Elder Law Attorney Larry Hartley, CELA answers common Medicaid questions as they relate to elder care.

Is the concept of planning to become eligible for Medicaid Coverage of my Long Term Nursing Home Care Expenses, unethical, illegal, or immoral? Answers

Can a person just give away assets right before applying for Medicaid Coverage in order to qualify? Answers

Well does that mean it is too late to do anything but spend your funds on the Nursing Home if you are already in a Nursing Home? Answers

If the person who is or will be going in to the nursing home is already incompetent to manage their affairs, can planning still be accomplished? Answers

I have heard that I can give away the remainder interest in my home and retain a life estate, and that I can would still qualify for Medicaid. Is that true? Answers

I know of a person on Medicaid who owns a very expensive, brand new luxury automobile, and they don’t even have a driver’s license anymore. How is that possible?Answers

What other assets are “Exempt”? Answers

Then why would a person need to give away the remainder interest in the house?Answers

What techniques can be used? How about a little free advice? Answers

What are the disadvantages to being eligible for Medicaid to cover Nursing Home Expenses? Answers

Is Medicaid Planning Expensive? Answers



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