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Where's the Personality in the Yellow Pages?

When the Yellow Pages first came out it was really great an innovative - and really the only place that was easy to go to find something you needed. And we usually made our purchases based off the size of the ad the business had placed. Why? We figured if they could dump a ton of money into something like an ad in the Yellow Pages they must be stable enough and reputable.

Then came the internet and the world changed. Today, who needs the Yellow Pages? Who cares about the size of your ad? Who actually goes to it and looks anything up anymore? For most, it goes from doorstep to recycle bin. Why? Because it is faster and more informative to do a Google search and get a list of options for anything and everything we need.

Now, we have an even stronger way to accomplish this - social media. Social media takes the internet and websites to a whole new level - again - just like the move from Yellow Pages to the website. Now, we don't just want information, we want to know what others are saying about the law firm or business and what "experiences" have others had with them. Then, based on what others have experienced, we can make a much more informed and accurate buying decision.

This is awesome for attorneys. Now, through the use of simple blog, I can share with you my thoughts, ideas, issues and stories to help you both "learn" and "experience" what we do for our clients and how we solve their problems. So no longer do you need to pick the biggest ad in the Yellow Pages and hope they meet your need. Now you get to "hear" what others "experienced" and can decide (with a ton more information) whether we are right for you and you are right for us. The world just got easier and better.

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